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PREVOR is a Research Center specialized in Chemical Risks and Toxicology. Since 1959 our teams are proposing new solutions to control the dangers without reducing the productivity and the advantages of the scientific progresses. We are passionate about science, technical matters and people’s safety; we have been sharing our experience and our knowledge since more than 20 years through books and trainings around the world.

Today, PREVOR has a new specific task: broader access to knowledge, allow everyone to be able to benefit from the best trainings worldwide. The objective of the e-learning by PREVOR project is to edit online high quality trainings and to make them accessible to everyone. Modules are adapted to all kinds of occupation: worker, security manager, laboratory technicians, researcher, emergency physician…

The success of this mission is achieved with a Reading Committee who selects the trainings and provides impetus for quality content, and also with professional researchers and trainers who are passionate  about the topic and sharing.

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You also give trainings and you would like to join us and participate to our adventure, send us your trainings! We take the responsibility for the translation and all the technical organization and aspect in the five (5) most popular languages in the world today: English, Chinese, Spanish, French and German. Each of your training will help someone exposed to chemical risk and broaden his/her knowledge, and it also provides you a small compensation.

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