E-Learning by PREVOR



Who are we?

About us

Research Center specialized in Chemical Risks and Toxicology, the laboratory PREVOR has devoted itself since 1959 to the exploration of chemistry and biology, supporting safety and progress. Our teams do not only work toward understanding and mastering chemical risks, our objective is also to share our passion and our knowledge.

For over 20 years, we have offered trainings in order to help every person exposed to chemical risks, or committed like us to chemical safety. We have naturally developed a network of international partners from all professional and scientific backgrounds.

What we propose

Today, we want to go even further. Our new challenge is to democratize trainings. We apply ourselves to editing trainings of quality, with affordable prices, in order for as many people as possible to have access to this knowledge.

Our will: to make sure that the courses we propose, consistent with good practices, the established consensus and the last validated methods, will enrich people; to make everyone benefit from our field experience and scientific research from over 50 years.

How do we do it ?

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Our online courses are written by scientists and professionals of the chemical risk.

    Every module is organized in two parts
  • a first educational part with lessons and tips,
  • then a second part for validation, based on 20 questions with detailed corrections and explanations.

Prevor's goal is to give the best trainings. Therefore all the published presentations go through a Reading Committee which validates the courses.

If you too are a researcher, a teacher or a professional or if you just would like to share your experience and knowledge, « Join Us ».