E-Learning by PREVOR



Presentation of the E-Learning by PREVOR

The e-learning by PREVOR is a platform of on-line trainings with a double objective: on one hand, to offer high quality trainings on safety at work and chemical risk, and to make those trainings accessible to the greater number; on the other hand, to put in value the knowledge and to share it worldwide.

To do so, all the e-learning by PREVOR follow strictly a clearly defined model.

How are organized our trainings?

    Our trainings can be broken down into two steps.
  • The first part is a lecture, which gives the good practices, the established consensus, recommendations, the last validated methods, warnings, etc.

    It is to be noted that all our trainings are written by a scientist or a professional of the chemical risk. They have necessarily been reviewed and validated by our Reading Committee.

    Moreover, they are animated with a voice-over and are available in the 5 most used languages in the world nowadays: English, Spanish, Chinese, French and German.

    During the whole length of the subscription, the module of the training can be reviewed as many times as the learner wishes.

    training phase 1 - courses

  • The participant then answers a series of 20 questions chosen at random. Those questions, made of multiple choices, are meant to help confirm a good understanding of the training.

    The lecture finishes with a detailed correction which goes over the questions one by one, reinforcing in this way the instruction one last time.
    If the learner passes the test, he receives a diploma. If he wishes to take the exam again, the random system of questions allows him to retake the test with different questions.

Here is our catolog of trainings..